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More about the Club

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The Astronomy and Physics Club at Pasadena City College is dedicated to promoting interests in Physics, Astronomy, Planetary Science, Space Exploration and all related STEM fields. We strive to create an environment that is open to anyone who has an interest in science, regardless of their major. Our goal is to have fun and enjoy learning while working together as a team. There are many opportunities to gain volunteering experience, attend exciting events, and work on projects that allow individuals to experience what it is like to be a scientist or engineer. Our mission is to enrich the lives of Pasadena City College's students, our local community and our selves by providing these resources and experiences.

Night Sky Network Astronomy Society of the PacificMESA


When we cannot find a particle in the universe, so we go to solids.- by Junyi Shan - March 19

From PCC to JPL with my Condense Matter Physics- by Simon Huy T Vuong - March 26

The Dynamic Sky of Low-Frequency Radio Astronomy- by Dr. Jake Hartman - April 2

Cosmology from the bottom of the Earth: Telescopes at the South Pole>- by Dr. Howard Hui - April 9

Life in Graduate School - by David Huynh- April 25 in Room: IT 214

Giant Magellan Telescope - by Dr. Rafael Millan-Gabet - April 30

JPL Venus Rover- Jonathan Sauder - May 7

Matrix Product States for Quantum Many-Body Systems-by Erika Ye - May 15 (Tentative)

Carnegie Observatories - Jeff Rich - May 21

(See Calender for Most Updated Schedule)

More about the speakers.

  • Website: pccastronomyandphysics.club
  • Email: pcc.astronomy.and.physics.club@gmail.com


Days: Every Other Tuesday (Check the Calendar!)
Time: 12-1pm
Location: E311 (Physics room next to library)
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Caltech Kavli Nanoscience Institute Lab Tour - April 19 at 1:45pm - Sign Up Now!
A Ticket to Explore JPL- May 18, 19

Caltech Science for March Booth-March 16, 2019 9am-1:40pm
Caltech Cosmology Lab Tour with Abigail Crities-Oct. 26, 2018
Noche de Ciencias booth hosted by SHPE-Nov. 2, 2018

Volunteer Opportunities

Caltech Astronomy on Tap at Der Wolfskopf - 4/22
Caltech Star Gazing Lecture - 5/10
Volunteering at the JPL Open House-May 18/19-Full on Volunteers

Caltech Star Gazing Lecture - 4/12
Caltech Astronomy on Tap at Der Wolfskopf - 3/25
Caltech Science for March Booth-March 16, 2019 9am-1:40pm
Noche de Ciencias booth hosted by SHPE-Nov. 2


Project Proposals

The Tesla Coil
Current Progress: Tesla Coil Sparked - On Hold

  • 89%
    Tesla Coil


President - Steven
Vice President - Aung
Treasurer - Wei Wei
ICC - Loly
Secretary - Winnie
Volunteer Coordinator - Jenna
Project Coordinator - John
Speaker Coordinator - Liberty

Run for Office

Advisor - Professor Cheney
Advisor - Professor Watkins
Advisor - Professor Hartman

Joining the Club

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Benefits of Membership

Free and open to all PCC students.
Be part of an open minded group of like minded individuals. Receive updates on club events, guest speakers (from Caltech and Great Magallen Telescope), local physics and astronomy events. Be able to participate in the many volunteers opportunities and field trips. Create or participate in fun physics experiements.

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